Rufus Irish Terrier





Lotti – Spicy - Sweetie August 2003

Rufi – Ruska - Stella 2008

Nurmi – Julchen  - Ruby – Pola N  1991



7 generations of RUFUS IRISH TERRIER of same type



All my Irish Terriers and litters since 1979



In1979 my foundation bitch BALTIC ULU (her breeder moved to Canada in 84 and bred there for some years) joined my parents and me and she was my close companion during my years of study in Hannover to become a veterinarian. She came from old German lines of the famous kennels "von der Frankenlerche" (Countess Stauffenberg) and "Paternus" (W.Henrich) and they were founded on the well-known English lines of those days as f.ex. Pathfinders, Russetone, Brackenwood, Breezy and the important CH Chip Ryan were behind many of them.
Baltic Ulu didn’t liked shows too much - she became immediately tired when we got into the ring, tried to lay down and relax!!! And was happy again outside! Her mother indeed was a real cracker at those days and won a lot.

Ch Harmony v d Frankenlerche

But her daughter had a beautiful long lean head, correct bite, all teeth, good length of body and a sweet character. And a very strong constitution, so she became -like her mother - 14.5 years old.
She was a real sound bitch and lay a foundation for my breed with her good points. The sires should bring the other points!


The litters

Breeding only few litters, but quality, not quantity,  is always my principle. None of my bitches had more than 3-4 litters with exception of  Spicy who convinced by her excellent offspring , condition and super disposition as devoted mother to have more  litters ! ITs that did breed  and are shown are named in green , and those I own in this colour. 

1.  1983 "N" litter 4/1 (Baltic Xeque - Baltic Ulu)č R Nessie

2.  1987 "O" litter 3/2 (CH.Pirat von der Lichtenheide - Baltic Ulu)č Ch R OīRuby

3.  1990 "P" litter 2/2 (CH.Maghill of Benīs Heir - CH.Rufus OīRuby) č Ch R Pola Negri, R Pagan

4.  1991 "Q" litter 2/4 (CH.Maghill of Benīs Heir - CH.Rufus O`Ruby)č Ch R Quinta optima, R Quassia

5.  1993 "R" litter 3/0 (Scarlet Runnerīs Paddy - CH.Rufus Pola Negri)

6.  1994 "M" litter 1/4 (CH Traleeīs Hurricane Kid - CH.Rufus PolaNegri) č R Magic Polestar, R Magic Millicent, R Magical Mystery

7.  1995 "T"  litter 3/0 (CH Traleeīs Design for Merrymac - CH Rufus Pola Negri)č R tim the Tramp

8.  1997 "M" litter 2/2(CH Merrymac Donīt Blame Me - Rufus MagicPolestar) č R Mystic Polarsun, Ch R Magic Carlsson
9.  1998 "L"  litter 2/2 (Merrymac Lollapalooza - Rufus MagicPolestar)
č Ch R Look at me!,  J Ch R Lady in red , R Lucy Letīs Fetz
10.1999 "F" litter 3/2  (CH Merrymac Legacy - Rufus Magic Polestar)
č Ch R Fire on Ice

11.        "N" litter 0/3  ( Ch Rufus Look at me! - Rufus Mystic Polarsun)č Ch R Noisy Ms Hurricane

12. 2001 “ L” litter 3/2 ( Inchicore Lionel - Rufus Mystic Polarsun) č J Ch R Lusty Lioness

13.        “M” litter  2/2 ( Inchicore Lionel – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane)č R Mylady Malin

14. 2002 “N” litter  2/4  (Inchicore Lionel – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane)

15. 2003 “O” litter  1/5  (Ch Rufus Look at me! – Rufus Lusty Lioness) č R Ch Orange Sweetie, R O-la-la!

16.         “Q” litter  5/1  ( Ch Rufus Look at me! – Rufus Lusty Lioness) č Ch R Quite a Lion

17. 2004 “R” litter   4 /3 ( Ch Red Rabbits Elliot – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane) č J Ch  R Ray of light , R Rinaldo  Rinaldini

18.          “S” litter   3 / 4 ( Ch Rufus look at me ! – Rufus Lusty Lioness)  č R Stellar Light

19. 2005   “T”litter   4 /3 ( Ch Red Rabbits Elliot – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane)č R Touch of Class, J Ch R Tara for Red Rabbits, R Tebby of best company

20. 2006   “U”-litter  4 /3 ( Ch Red Rabbits Elliot – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane) č R Under my Spell

21.  2007  “V”litter  3/3   ( Okie Dokie v Koudenhoven – Ch Rufus Ray of light) č R Violet for Haseland, R Valentino ?     

22.            “W”litter  4/ 3 ( R Under my Spell  – Rufus Lusty Lioness) č R Whoops itīs Buffy!

23.  2008  “X“ litter  5/1  (Lurvendhalis Sauron  - Ch Rufus Ray of light)č R X-tra Jubilee Edition

24.  2009  ”Y” litter  6/1 ( Oliver James v Koudenhoven x Ch Rufus Ray of Light) 


My Irish Terriers

1. Baltic Ulu

(Paternus Monty - CH. Harmony v.d. Frankenlerche)


1979 - 1993, “Julchen” 2 litters, 2 daughters in the breed , “Ruby” built a strong line spread over Europe and US.
cystinurie tested : clear, no CF and as well no offspring with CF , she died at 14.5 years due to old age weakness. Necropsy report by the Pathology of the StateVeterinary in Bremen

2.Rufus Nurmi

(Baltic Xeque - Baltic Ulu)

Male 1983- 1997, very nice Irish Terrier in type and character, he spent his pet-life with us, he was a perfect Irish Terrier , due to his oversize I never bred him.
cystinurie test : clear , no CF , died at 14 years due to sudden old age weakness. Necropsy report of
the Veterinary Highschool in Hannover .

 3. CH Rufus O'Ruby

(CH Pirat v.d. Lichtenheide - Baltic Ulu)


1987 - 2001, 2 litters, 1/3 of her puppies were in the breed, and many of her grandchildren make this family-strain grow a lot in many countries of the world !
cystinurie test: clear, no CF ,  same for her offspring  , she was euthanized at 14 y 2 months due to a malignant skin tumor ( biopsy + histology report) . 

4.CH Rufus Pola Negri

(CH Maghill of Ben's Heir – CH Rufus O'Ruby)

1990, “Paula” 3 litters. All 3 excellent daughters were in the breed and her best son Tim the Tramp also and also this family grows still a lot in many countries. Her character is great, she is one of my all-time-favourites.
cystinurie test: clear, no CF and same for her offspring, still alive and going strong at 14 years!  

5. Rufus Magic Polestar

(CH Tralee's Hurricane Kid - CH Rufus Pola Negri)


1994 - 2004,
"Swedie",  -  cystinurie test: clar, no CF  same, as for her offspring, euthanized due to a brain tumor ( meningeoma)  at 10 years , (necropsy report of the Veterinary Highschool Hannover, no other findings )  .


Coming from the first litter with an american studdog in Germany, turned out to be a real jewel as brood bitch. She had 3 litters and in all litters she had excellent offspring with some real outstanding ones. She gave great movements, heads, type and about 80 % of her offspring has a perfect red coat.

In her first litter by Multi-Ch Merrymac Donīt Blame me she gave us the “Top-winning Irish Terrier in Finland 99“, Fin Ch  Rufus Magic Carlsson who in turn sired as well one Top winning Irish Terrier son in Finnland, Ch Jackpot True Tarzan . His sister R. MysticPolarsun was never shown, but she is a similar excellent brood bitch with promising offspring in 2 litters. 

From Swedieīs second litter by Merrymac Lollapalooza came the best Irish Terrier I ever bred, Rufus Look at me! - He is an once-in-a-lifetime terrier and the synthesis of all his forefathers united in one terrier.  His litter sister Lucy letīs fetz the kennel “ my celtic fellow” produced the excellent son Int Ch Dexter by Inchicore Lionel has many Ch titles with only 3 years and also some promising litters on the ground!

Her third litter by CH Merrymac Legacy showed the quality we hoped for especially in heads, natural good ears and coat. Fire on Ice had been exported to
Finland, Kennel “ Lurvendhalis” and finished her Ch title within the shortest possible time!  She is able to give her perfect ears to her 2 litters so far.

After these 3 litters I have retired our dear Swedie, she did already so much for my kennel, it won’t be possible to top it! She was my second foundation bitch, her influence is growing still continuosly. Sadly missed now, a brain cancer shortened her life.

6. Rufus Mystic Polarsun

( CH Merrymac Don't Blame Me - Rufus Magic Polestar)


Noisy is a typey & excellent moving bitch of correct standard size.

Cystinurie test: clear, no CF and same for her offspring    
After a promising first litter in 1999 with 3 girls of true Rufus Irish Terrier type,  - see " Spicy"  - her second litter in January 2001, by the English import Inchicore Lionel,  gave us 5 pupoies, we did keep another quality daughter “Lotti” – see below.

Noisy was a passionate mother to her puppies , she did clean all perfect, she did feed them until 8 weeks  – this she did pass to her 2 daughters as well. They really enjoy their puppies .


7.  Ch Rufus Look at Me!
(Merrymac Lollapalooza - Rufus Magic Polestar)


1998, "Zora" and "Byron" were our 98 youngsters.

Both cystinurie tested : clear , no CF , same for his 41 offspring 

See in stud dogs the chapter about Byron also. Both reflect a lot of what I breed for: excellent movement, nice heads with typical expression, red coats and typical Irish Terrier character! Zora went to a pet-home meanwhile and Byron continued his show-success and finished it in 2003 with best german bred-owned male Irish Terrier of the World Dog show in Dortmund . He sired a high quality daughter for my kennel: Ch "Spicy”.

8. Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane
( Ch Rufus Look at me! - Rufus Mystic Polarsun)

1999, "Spicy“( left, with her daughter Stella at 4 months)  - cystinurie test: clear, no CF and same for her offspring -  is a bit the female counterpart to Byron – she is true Rufus Irish Terrier type and combines excellent movement with nice coat & colour. She gained her titles very fast and showed in her 2 litters of 2001 and 2002 that she is able to pass her quality.

Her 2004 – 2006 litters of 21 offspring by Red Rabbitīs Elliot were so far my very best litters . 4 licensed studdogs came from them , 5 junior Ch  and 2 European junir winners, even only few shown.

We choose a male from irish lines to focus on the irish expression and type and this was a full success. We did keep Stella from the R litter and then her brother Rufi fronm Spicyīs final U litter, and these 2 were a big step forward for my breeding programme.


9. Jun Ch Rufus Lusty Lioness

( JCh Inchicore Lionel- Rufus Mystic Polarsun)



2001, “Lotti” – cystinurie test : clear , no CF and same for her offspring-  is another quality Noisy-daughter ; she started her show career in November 01 with a BOB at 9 months age (and 12 Irish Terriers entered) – not bad, little Lotti! Meanwhile she is KFT junior Ch .


She had 3 litters with “Byron” in 2003 and 2004 and some of their puppies became Champions meanwhile and 3 of them have already also offspring  . Byron and Lotti produced puppies of very nice size and proper conformation, with maybe the best  temperaments of all my litters. Her last litter in 2007 by our young Rufi was a very even litter and one son, Buffy, is already Jun Ch and will have a career as studdog as well. 



10 . Ch Rufus Ray of Light

(Ch Red Rabbits Elliot – Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane)





2004, “Stella”, cystinurie test : clear , no CF and same for her offspring  - on the pic with her third litter april 2009  .

At her first show she won the junior vclass under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki/SF


“ Beautiful well-balanced bitch, excellent construction, very nice head and expression, beautiful topline, very good feet , good coat not in the best condition today, good mover, lovely temperament”


Stella shows the nice movement & coat of her american anchestors as well as the irish type of the irish forefathers – a nice synthesis with typical Rufus Irish Terrier expression on her. You can follow her maturing in these pictures: 



Stella at 8 months – compare with the picture below at 8 weeks




                                                                              Stella at 8 weeks









             6 weeks

              5 months

                         7 months




11. Rufus Under my Spell

(Ch Red Rabbits Elliot  x Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane)


7 weeks                                                                               9 weeks

16 weeks

2006, „Rufus“ , Stellaīs little brother,  cystinurie test : clear , no CF

Never I had plans to keep a 2nd male, and Byron should stay No 1 in our home and hearts a lifetime…but then we were fallen under the spell of this puppy and called him *Rufus* aka Rufi. He left us no chance to escape his charme, he just had to keep him. The whole litter was spoken for but then 1 buyer cancelled – this was fate!

He is all I breed for since 23 years, he is a copy of his mother and you see also Byron in his outlines and this special presence.  And so far Byron accepts the little boy, who follows him like a shadow and all is easy still , no jelousy!

11 Wochen

14 Wochen

16 Wochen



12. Rufus Xtra Jubilee Edition

(Lurvendhalis Sauron   x Ch Rufus Ray of Light)


8 weeks old


2008, „Ruska“ ,   Cystin testresult: normal 

Our youngest member of the pack is little Ruska. She should be something special and she is – this year saw my 25 years as Irish Terrier breeder , and this was also my 50th birthday – so I planned to keep a bitch puppy for the future from a special litter. So a finnish nice young male was selected for Stellaīs next litter and the expectation was high. Ruska  was born as single girl among 5 brothers – well, I had no choice to select. And I didnīt need to do so – she was simply the best of the litter.

We enjoy her a lot, she shows with her  head, nice dark rimmed small eyes and ears true Rufus Irish Terrier type, and her size is excellent as well as her movement and sheīs got also all teeth.

Now at 10 months of age she looks very similar to Rufi and also Stella. This would be a fantastic breederīs group.


Ruska shows her perfect double coat  .