Irish Terrier Special

Irish Terrier and Children !

Irish Terriers and Cystintest results

Pics tell more than many words!

Sara and Irish Terrier bitch Pirre in Finnland

Fin Ch Rufus Fire in Ice loves to be a babysitter for Sara…

Nella is also a good babysitter

a dog keeps warm

…and her young daughter Nella copies this , Sara enjoys it …

who is the baby

…but older daughter Neala took the chance to „borrow“ this spezial toy...;-) !


irish terrier puppie and SaraSara plays with Irish TerrierIrish Terrier bitch makes Sara laugh

How totransport an Irish Terrier

A PUPPIE with puppiesA young breeder with puppies


The Cystin testresults of some past, current and future Rufus breeding stock

Byron ( R Look at Me!)

Cystin testresults of Rufus Look at Me!: 148 nmol/mg Kre8


Spicy ( R Noisy Ms Hurricane)

Cystin Testresults of Rufus Ms Hurricane: 132 nmol/ mg Kre


Lotti ( R Lusty Lioness)

Cystin testresuts of Rufus Lusty Lioness : 42 NMOL/ mg Kre


Swedie(R Magic Polestar)

Cystin Testresuts of Rufus Magic Polestar: 33 nmol/mg Kre



Stella ( R Ray of Light)


Cystin testresults of Rufus Ray of Light: 17 nmol/mg Kre


Rufus aka Rufi ( R Under my Spell)


Cystin testresults of Rufus Under my Spell: 129 nmol/mg Kre


Our own Rufus Irish Terriers are all tested from the foundation bitch on and have normal test results since the begin 20 years ago and up to now all had a normal result = non cystinuric . This is a blessing , but also a good information about the health of the breeding stock, if only clear results come, also from offspring of Byron ( incl his litters with Lotti= linebreeding on Rufus line) all tested Irish Terriers have normal range results.


This does NOT mean, that they are no carriers of the gene. This isn´t possible to determine yet , as no marker gene testings exist. In the USA the worldknown expert Prof Dr U Giger works also on finding a test for Irish , but it seems not that easy as he succeeded with 3 other breeds, Irish Terriers seem to have another sort of cystinuria, different from the other breeds.


These pics of a surgery of the bladder to extract 2 cystine stones may tell you more than many words, why passionate and responsable breeders do test their terriers!


This 2 y old Irish Terrier ( in a foreign country) suffered from bloody urine and pain, watch the structure of the stone!


Irish Terrier male in surgery off a cystinstone



a cystinestone after being removed from the bladder


a very rough stone

a stone of about 2 cm.



Irish terrier after surgery

pictures copyright L v Beeckum