The 1998-litter

Rufus Irish Terrier


 Byron I. and his legacy at RUFUS

Irish Terrier broodbitch Rufus Magic Polestar

Irish Terriet stud dog Merrymac Lollapalooza


After a mating - trip of about 2000 km we got a litter of Swedie and “Byron” Merrymac Lollapalooza on 19. July 1998. 2 dogs and 2 bitches, heavy, kicking and full of vitality were born on a Sunday afternoon. The 2males look very much alike their sire – so his legacy will be carried on. And with his son  - our Byron – and daughter Lucy it succeeded to bring this rare line to vitality and there are already some offspring of Byron who resemble thier grandfather again.

Tragically Byron died by car accident 2 weeks after the mating, so this litter and the 3/1 puppies of Aida Florex in Czech Republic are his only offspring...

Byron was an extraordinary Irish and excelled in type, very long and narrow head, racy elegance and outstanding movement. 4 of Byron’s littermates are already very successful in the show ring and in the breed.

I will always remember Byron - he was one of the best Irish Terriers I ever met!

AND NOW HIS PRECIOUS LEGACY:  RUFUS proudly presents the L-litter! 

The pups on their first day....





3.5 weeks - this little boy resembles very much his sire Byron 

Rufus Look at me! as puppie


Byron as we remember him



rufi 2

rufi 3