Rufus Irish Terrier

Spicy`s & Elliot ´s litter of 7  nice Irish Terrier puppies , born 11 january 2004  left us now one by one...

First the 4 boys Rapidfire, Rasputin, Rinaldo Rinaldini and Red St Patrick.

six little


irish puppies

are leaving

the Rufus

And also 2 of the girls , but one will stay at Rufus – see under “history”.


home to

their new



The 4 boys .....

standing on

the table




and the 3 girls ....

do it

like real


.......at 7 weeks age have their first appointment as models!


a little puppie is looking

four little puppies want to go out inthe world

but he is still considering



6.5  weeks old


puppies at milkbar

Spicy & her 7 puppies at 3 days age, 14.1.2004