The U-Litter

Rufus Irish Terrier

29.07.06 – 14 weeks

Summer impressions – The Rufus Irish Terrier U litter

Many thanks to all my puppy buyers who share their excellent puppy pix with me !

Little irish terrier lady Lotta as gartner

Lotta in her new home

This summer´s MUST – cooooool water

playing with water

cooling off in a pool

…there is much to explore…

irish terrier Nelly loves water

…Nelly fishing ;-) ….

and scout

….yeahhhhh – Scout enjoys what his owner created for them….

in the water


….and after playing in the straw ….

puppies playing in straw

and playing


emma flat on the floor

…aaahhhh pretty chilling Emma after a warm walk…

puppie looking arond a three

…see you later !

…Spicy concentrates the education on the 3 puppies that are still here !

spicy educating a puppie

…supported by Stella and Lotti, both beeing in season, but all is peaceful thask to Spicy´s  clear alpha position !

26.06.06 – 9 weeks old

on the table stands one after the other

                         Unique Emma                                                     Ultra Red

Under my Spell                                     Up and away

Up to the North                               Unchain my Heart


is thie not a nice puppie

two lonely puppies

…one sister had left us already, and now soon we will all move to our new homes!

16.06.06 – 7.5 weeks

little irish terrier pirates

…very tired little redheads after 2 hours playing like fools!

two cute puppies

one puppie

and another puppie

….who is who ? Well, cutie Emma has always a dirty nose, she loves to dig VERY deep holes;-)))

two puppie sitting on the grass

one puppie sitting

We are again very satisfied with Spicy´s and Elliot´s “limited edition“ !


The standing portraits at 7.5 weeks – not trimmed yet

3 Ladies first:

Lady 1

Lady 1

(she doesn´t wanted at all to stand;-)))

Lady 2

Lady 3

…and now the 4 boys

boy 1

boy 2


boy 2 in the shadow

…shadow is much more preferred at 31.5°C …

boy 3

boy 4

….and then – relaxing in the outdoor run. Their first portrait session was over.


10.06.06 – 7 weeks old

garden in Menslage

a sunny summer´s day in Menslage

puppie on the watch


puppies in the ball bath

!!!!…endless fun for little redheads after the siesta of a hot summer day!

All our Irish Terriers can be together in the garden, and Spicy , our perfect alpha bitch , watching carefully who has access to the puppy run and who still not! So she knows when the right age has come for rough plays with sister Stella, auntie Lotti has already her ok to play with them, as she is experienced mother herself. Perfect working instincts guide them, a pleasure to watch!  

5.06.06 – 6 weeks 2 days old

puppieis drinking at the milkbar

and drinking

This story tells itself…Spicy´s duty…

and drinking

bar closed

…up, up and away …


puppies alone

…and mum Spicy escapes from her always hungry family;-))) 


puppies exercising

thier agility

on wooden parcour

…we have lots of fun !!!



puppie is watching

they others playing

The wooden elements of our playground are great! 

Puppie chewing a glove

puppie still chewing the glove

27.5.2006 – 5  weeks old

spicy with puppies outdoor

Finally the rain stopped – and so the puppies enjoy their first hour out in their new Outdoor puppy run – mummy is near and so they discover all new things!

spicy with puppies in the garden

…and then: SUN…;-)…

puppies on the move

…and they discovered also the cabin where one can hide away ! After 1 hour they became tired and back in the warm indoor run they can dream about exciting things they learned today!

25.5.06 – 4.5 weeks old

puppies looking out the box

…we are cute ….

 Jan shows a mobile

What´s this for a funny thing with all the new noise is coming from???

they love the tone off the mobile phone

20.5.06 – 4 Wochen alt !

...and here we go ....

Puppie playing in the box

...mummy always busy with cleaning ….

spicy with puppies in the box

...and feeding and just cuddling....

puppie flirting

...see you soon again !!!


puppies with much food

Their first meal – exciting taste! 

Spicy cleans the puppies 

Mum is still busy with cleaning up all…..

spicy with a puppie on her front leg

 our dear Spicy and a little boy

little puppies on a green blanket

They already like to move – a very even litter again!


The U-litter...had been whelped exactly the 22.april , and „ as usual“ Elliot and Spicy have 4 sons and 3 daughters!

tiny rufi drinking

RUFI ...he was our first born, 310 gr as well as the last boy!

Spicy in birth

… 45 minutes later we had a Trio – 2 fat boys of 300 gr and one smaller, and very quicksilver-like girlie(244 gr), who started immediately suckling and like a baby Kangaroo she suckles all the time;-))) Spicy enjoys her new babies and is truely enthusiastic!

puppies at drinking

..at 9.00  o´clock we thought, the team was complete…. – 3 boys and 3 bitches! Or?!?

spicy with 7 puppies

Spicy´s tailcarriage shows some labor , but it will be a placenta sure…–  ?!? …or…our No 7 !!!

We are again very satisfied with the quality of the litter, they resemble very much the litter before newborn! Elegant heads with the right foreface, excellent coat quality ( very short and not soft, it indicates a hard red coat) , looong necks like Spicy and and Elliot´s ears are visible in the babies – so again a perfect combination!

 seven little puppies are at ease

Now we have to be grateful that we have the pleasure of breeding/ owning  such an exceptionel broodbitch like Spicy, who gave us 31 puppies , and she really likes to have puppies, so it was a gift to both of us.

After this litter she will retire and focus only on her grandchildren !