Rufus Irish Terrier

Okie Dokie v Koudenhoven is a good irish terrier stud dog, proud of his breeder

Stella  and Rufi are also good irish terriers , breeder Anne D. Schans


Okie  Dokie v Koudenhoven x Rufus Ray of Light”Stella”(+ right our young Rufi)

( Rufus Look at me! x Jente v Koudenhoven) –cystine: normal,  br&own T u P Jaspers, NL

Who can resist him and his tons of charisma ? Stella sure couldn´t  and the result is pictured below !

20.05.07        This litter gave me the points I had expected to get and the combination of Dokie and Stella is really a good match! The wonderful balanced heads with the x-tra small and dark eyes that are so rare nowadays, bodies of right balance and correct lenth of back, exc angulations both ends, exc toplines and tailsets, very promising coats, nice sizes

Today „Vagabond“ left us direction Netherlands....

irish terrier Vagabond

…and „Violet“ , aka „Joy“ did join the team of kennel Haseland ;-) – we wish her much fun and all the success at shows & in the breed she does deserve !

Joy of a terrier

little joy laying on a red pillow


…„Aino“ alias „Vamp in red“ is now living in Vienna

wher is very nice to live

…and I have the joy and fun of having little Valentino still some more days !

but not for ever. but we still have a few irish terriers left


07.05.07   And here we have the V litter at 8 weeks, first the 3 girls( 1 hour after feeding) , not trimmed   

little irish terrie on a table

under the critical eyes

of the breeder

…..and now the 3 boys

are also on the table

perhaps are they

as good as their sisters


30.04.07                                     PUPPYVIDEO 7 weeks

This “summer in april” with temperatures above 20 or even 25 °C makes it possible that the puppies spend their day outdoors and they enjoy the constant sun, a “siesta” at noon and playing,playing,playing;-) and also many visitors.

23.04.07                                     PUPPYVIDEO 6 weeks

21.04.07   6 weeks old, the puppies enjoy the sunny spring time in their outdoor run!

little irish terrier

puppies are playing in the garden

                     She already moves with style & perfection – and he´s on the watchtower ! 

15.04.07                                     PUPPYVIDEO 5 weeks

Now it´s time to discover the big world outside litterbox and puppyrun indoors! They have a 60 qm outdoor run, and we will add this week daily new challenges – wooden elements as well as tunnels, so their brains and motorik both will be trained a lot now! 3 times they get their puppy food and Stella has also milkto offer!

10.04.07                                    PUPPYVIDEO 4 weeks

07.04.07               The puppies are 4 weeks old now and explore their indoor run – the puppy kindergarten!! Soft carpet and blankets help them to learn moving and jumping without a risk they get hurted.

five puppies a breeders joy

Stella is cleaning all the time and she wonders a lot how quick and fast her puppies get – this is her first litter and she has to learn a lot! But she has still so much milk that the puppies are not interested in puppy food.

Stella is cleaning


01.04.07   3 weeks have passed since they are born – watch them play now – since 2 days they changed into mini-Terriers!


25.03.07   2 weeks old are Stella´s puppies today  

Stella with puppies

Eyes are still closed, so I can use flashlights. When their eyes are open, they are too sensitive for light, and better wait taking pics until they are more used to the light. They start to move around in the box a bit and stay some minutes longer active – soon it will be the contrary: they only sleep short and play all the time;-) !

three little irish boys

three little irish girls

               left : the boys  - right : the girls

21.03.07  10 days old puppies – Stella ha a lot of milk !

puppies on the milkbar

17.03.07  1 week old V litter!

Stella with her little puppies

Stella licks and cleans all perfect….

agein stella with her puppies

and really is pleased by her maternal duties ;-) !

14.03.07  3 days old puppies

Stella with young puppies

irish terrier pups on a green blanket

the same

12.03.07  New pics of the 1 day old puppies

one day old irish terrier puppies drinking milk

Stella with her one day old puppies


11.03.07 They are born –our 21 th litter since 1983 and the 7 th generation of my line in a row.  3 very nice boys and 3 girls with fantastic heads and ears already visible keep us all busy since last night! 

Stella with new born puppies

8.03.07     Stella 8.5 weeks prenant all in red undercoat shows her excellent conformation after a last trim – now we wait for her litter in about 2  days !

.Stella on a table Stella is looking pregnant


28.02.07  Stella 7 weeks pregnant – still 10 more days about ….

Stella is eating

20.02.07  Now 6 weeks are over – and the relaxed Stella shows proud her grown belly!  

Stella is laying on her back

Stella is chewing on something

She is fit and happy ,eats like a vacucleaner 1 kg Pedigree Pur  – and then a dried cow´s ear keeps her busy with teeth cleaning  .

Irish terrier Rufi on the kitchen floor

Little brother Rufi still has no suspicion, but soon he will have some puppies  around to play with in the springtime, a perfect job for him  – times goes by so fast! 


24.1.07  Stella is pregnant!

Stella and Rufi on a leach

Stella und little brother Rufi in 12/06

the haed of Stella and Rufi