The Rufus Irish Terrier X Litter

June  2008        Little Ruska  stays here   while her brothers have left in all directions and discover their new world and try to educate their owners as best as they can ;-) .

irish terrier lady Ruska in front       Ruska from the right

Rufus X-tra Jubilee Edition akaRuska“ at 12 weeks

May 28  2008        The birds have flown!     

The X litter has left us except little Ruska and we wish all boys a wonderful life with their new owners!

these are thegoodbye pictures of

                               Romeo                                                        Jerry                                              Callum   


Lenny                                               Jouko

8. may 2008          

Ruska is standing  on a table

Rufus X-tra Jubilee Edition – the only bitch stays at our home 

Lenny on the table    W-plorer on the table

Rufus X-clusive Design      (Berlin)                         Rufus X-plorer in Red (NL)

also X-ray     X-press voyager

       Rufus X-Ray                                       Rufus X-press Voyager (SF)

the last is

                                                                     Rufus X-pected Smart Devil



2008-05-02                                 Stella and her puppies enjoying the morning sun

is abreeders dream that is whey you want to breed

1. may 2008                                                           VIDEO 9 X-Litter    7.5 weeks

( the sound was made by 2 Jack R mixed dogs in the neighbourhood)

Jan and  the puppies

Now the puppies need „ their own humans“ , they all want to have close contact to the humans, and all toys are out of interest , when frequent visitors appear!  Soon the day will come and the funny boys will leave us, the girl stays.


27.04.2008                                                           VIDEO 8 X-Litter    7  weeks

five little irish

terrier boys

are sitting

in front

on a table



The 5 smart boys and their one-and-only sister say hello – she will continue the Rufus Irish Terrier line in 7th generation.

Ruska in frontRuska from the right

20.04.2008                                                           VIDEO 7 X-WURF     - 6 Wochen

Little puppies in the dark

The 6 weeks old puppies enjoy their outdoor run and train all what ´s necessary ;-) for little Irish Terriers, like digging big holes...agility .... and then they have met all other family members, grandma Spicy, great-aunt Lotti, uncle Rufi  who checked the newbies and welcomed them. Just Byron is not amused and thinks “ Darn, 5 little boys... I hope they won´t keep another dog puppy ... grumble, grumble...? ”

 puppie in the gras  puppies playing  puppies drinking milk


17.04. 2008                                                          VIDEO 6 X-Litter    5.5 weeks

Puppie in a tube  puppies in site    two cute puppies


13.04.2008                                                          VIDEO 5 X-LITTER  5 weeks

The puppies discovered today their outdoor run !

12.04.2008                                                          VIDEO 4 X-LITTER

The puppies have developped a lot in the past week – they did enjoy their first meal – stylish with white “rable clothes”!

Then they chewed on almost everything that  came along like toys, littermates, human fingers and feet – the last was accompanied by a strict „NO!” , a nasty word that always show up when something very intersting is discovered by the puppies ;-)

We enjoy the next steps of the development of our little gang and see them growing up into different personalities!

drinking puppies  chewing puppie naughty puppie


07.04.2008                                                           VIDEO 3 X-LITTER  - 4 weeks 

circling puppies       looking puppie

Now the new ” exciting world” around the litterbox must be discovered – our indooor puppy Kindergarten is ready.

1.04.2008                                                                                                                                                           VIDEO 2 X-LITTER

1.04.2009                                                                                                                                                           Now the puppies are turning into real cute little Terriers! ;-)

puppies on a green blanket

27.03.2008                                            VIDEO 1 X-WURF


a breeders dream

X Wurf am 27.3.



22.03.2008                                                  Easter  2008 

puppies and a eastern bunny

The puppies start to discover their little world more these days – eyes will be open soon!

puppies and mama Stella        again stella and her pups

Stella is quite busy maintaining a high hygienic status in her litterbox! Each puppy is controlled several times and if necessary, licked and cleaned immediately!

these ars mine stella thinks

I´m doing a great job with my 6 puppies !

18.03.2008                                                  1 week old puppies

stella is a good mother

Now all puppies have doubled up their birth weight ,776 g weighs the biggest boy!

puppies in green  puppie in a bowl

    the small boy and the girl                         escaping from the scale ?!                

puppies on the   green blanket

Quite active the moce around already and the faces get more expression, only some more days and they will open their eyes.


March 15, 2008    

little irish pups    one little irish girl

the little boy and his sister (below)                                          the little girlie

puppeis on the milkbar

…very left the „ black pirate“ …

still on the milkbar

always hungry

the puppie are very clean

…..Stella cleans and cares the whole day !



pups sleeping

line up ….



irish terrier pups suckling


sleeping beauty

the little girlie


Stella with her pups

The 1oth of march is in future not only Viljo´s birthday, but also his 6 puppies´s! 

Stella surprsied us a bit by a very uniform litter in outlook as well as in sex…with 5 boys and 1 girl  !

They have very nice balanced heads with the desired forefaces, nice ears in shape of their parents, pigments are almost black, and the coat promises straight and wiry coats like their parents show it.

       Pistures of the  new born  puppies

Here are the X puppies more detailed: in the middle the little princess ;-) - - and all have taken on weight already . They were born with  242 , 266( the girl) , 278, 288, 330 und 340 gr, show always appetite and are full of vitality.

Stella enjoys now after the stress of whelping her second litter and we are looking forward a lot to a springtime 2008 with  a litter to raise – this is the best time to enjoy springtime!

Stella is is nursing her new born pups

Also the  finnish family “ of the puppies is enthusiastic about this nce litter and I´m not surprised that we will have visitors from Finnland to meet the puppies!  Breeding Irish Terriers joins an international family of fans, and I enjoy especially this ww aspect of our common passion ! Our warm greetings to Finland  and especially Hanna, Eeva and Sari (and their husbands...) !


Viljo the father of the pups

Lurvendhalis SauronViljo“ ....

….and his parents

Grand dad

grand mom

                                                                    Ch Jackpot True Tarzan                       Ch Lurvendhalis Pelargir


Now we have 2600 km left behind to make some breeder´s dreams come true and mate Stella to the youngster “Viljo” who lives near Helsinki. Stella is now aeroplane proof and was a perfect companion on our short trip.  She did like Viljo very much and so we will have a litter mid march – airbourne puppies;-)

Viljo and Stella meet each other.

 Viljo and Stella                     are playing in the snow 

It was very pleasing how much both resembled each other and that the description by his  owner/ breeder was perfect . I was even more pleased by his charme and personality plus .

Vilji sitting inthe snow

Viljo is very well balanced in all proportions.

His topline and long neck excells as well as  angulations both end do, that make his movement very powerful and ewlegant. He has strong bones, but doesn´t lack elegance , his straight fitting red jacket is exactly like Stella´s, his ears did settle almost natural, his correct bite shows all and very big teeth, and his very nive expression and head as well as his sweet character are special highlights!

I did meet him long enough to study his behavoiur and personality and I´m very glad that it is like an Irish Terrier should be! Cystine tested and normal .

His sire „Tarzan“ was once Top winning Irish Terrier  of the year in Finland ( like his father Ch  Rufus Magic Carlsson  before) and did sire some litters in Finland and Estonia with Ch offspring. His mother „Veera“ is Fin and Est Ch, and she impressed me a ,ot with her great temperament, very feminine head and super coat and also perfect ears.

Veera on the floor            Viljo on the floor

Veera                                                                          Viljo

So we wait impatient to see the result of this love story between Viljo and Stella. After Stella left, he waited days for her to come back...

The beginning

This litter will also mirror the long time good relations and teamwork between both kennels Lurvendhalis and Rufus Irish Terrier – since in 1991 two young breeders with their young bitches by same sire Maghill met on the placings 3 and 4 of the World Dog Show Dortmund 1991 in a crowded junior class of stiff competiton;-) .