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Rufus Irish Terrier


Rufus Irish Terrier since 31 years




Our next litter is planned in february 2015 with Amy as mother, a charming and racy Irish Lady with natural set ears, a wonderful coat in bright red colour who had already 2 quality litters

5.6.Amy+C pups2_1.jpg  24.4. Amy2b.jpg  29.8. Höög Amy2.jpg







Our 2 last boys, waiting to discover their new paths in 9 days .


Please watch the German part to see new pics and also a new videotape !



Video vom 14.7. Amy + C Wurf



Our C litter at 7 weeks, not trimmed (natural red coats)


They have passed the strict quality control by the German Terrier Club with an  excellent report:


Very harmonious litter, in best condition . All puppies are friendly, and very well socialized with humans, typical coat, correct tails, very nice heads with typical ears

Full dentition ( puppy teeth) , correct scissor bites, 1 straight caninus , no cinky tails, no umbilical hernia


6.7.C4_1.jpg   6.7.C2_1.jpg   6.7.C7stand_1.jpg

Rufus Coppercoin                                    Rufus Crackerjack                                    Rufus Casanova



6.7.R Casanova_1.jpg   6.7.R Cheerio!_1.jpg   6.7.R Ciaran_1.jpg

Rufus Challenger                                      Rufus Cheerio!                                             Rufus Ciaran



6.7.Kleinchen_1.jpg   6.7.R Caste a Spell_1.jpg   

                Rufus Calimero                                   Rufus Caste a Spell , the girl


11.7.alle 8!_1.jpg


Video vom 13. Juli 2012


10.7.C Welpen3_3.jpg


Tired after playing ,playing, and again playing……;-)


11.7.müde puppies_1.jpg


June 16th  2012



15.6. 2 Ausbrecher.jpg 16.6.C Welpen.jpg 15.6.3 c Rüden.jpg


We have a new video about the puppies development of the last week. They are now already miniature Irish Terriers!


Rufus C litter june 16th


 June 12th  2012


12.6.C Welpen.jpg 12.6.C Welpen2.jpg

Check out, our new puppy video;-)


Rufus C Litter June 10th “worm treatment”



5.6.Amy+C pups2_1.jpg 9.6.C Welpen.jpg




 James.jpg  oliver-james 006.jpg

Oliver James v Koudenhoven ( by Ch Rufus Look at me!)


Amy and James  presented us a quality litter of 7 /1 on may 16th 2012!


Amy aka




Rufus a Waltzing Matilda by Ch Anluan Prince of Thieves


 24.4.Amy2.jpg 24.4.Amy4.jpg








Our outdoor puppy run today in the morning mist and sun at - 9°C  – but now we have march, 9 !


The Rufus A litter


16.2.A Wurf Stella.jpg

Stella with her 9 puppies, born February 15th


Still a little bitch puppy available !


RUFUS Irish Terrier`s  Happy New Year 2010


Our dogs enjoy the snowy winter´s day at New Year – almost no difference visible in the Oldie dogs( 9 and 10 years) and the younger ones - all are enthusiastic.







Rufus Under my Spell “Rufi”  -  2008 Top IT studdog with most german litters 


  Rufi 4 Rufi4

                                                                                   © O Mönning                                                                                          © Odermatt


Here are 3 of his get from 3 different motherlines – but one look!


Redpet's O'Mara Mathildahof's Golden Palatines Ajax  Onyx Linox


Excellent ears, small dark eyes with “kajal” , nice red jackets , elegant movement and a special attitude is the trademark of most of his get.



18.10. 2009


                                                                                   2 interesting links about the World Dog Show Bratislava







Byron Zeichnung


3. September 2009


Byron – Rufus Look at me ! 


This beautiful drawing of our unforgettable Byron  Elisabeth Kirsch  did inspired by a picture Peter Jaspers  took in July 2008.

Both catch in perfection the special spirit and type Byron was wellknown for . My  heartfelt gratitude to both!



Baron Photo 



Our congratulation goes to Buffy and his owner Dr H L Frese, who prepares/trims/handles him  : the first of may saw Buffy at the VDH European Winner Show in Dortmund  as best male No 2 ( behind the winner of the Terrier Group Darren vd Emsmühle) of the adult classes with Res CACIB / Res CAC / VDH

 A real big success,for you, Buffy and Lui !!


Buffy is only rarely shown , but his charme and charisma is very special!

All about Buffy ( and his puppies) you will find in his german diary :

Buffy´s diary

Buffy is very wellknown to the visitors of my german of the website, here you can see ( and read, in german) all about Buffy from being a 5 day old puppy until today, incl pedigree, cystine result form etc etc ! N –joy!   


Buffy mit ein riesen Bokal

                                                         Rufus Whoops it´s Buffy                 © HLF  



     Riku in Finnland


Riku in Finnland

A nice son of Rufi in Finland


Riku is already a proud sire of 10 puppies – 8/2 in Finland – congratulations!




November 22, 2008


    The first snow 

Our dogs had  much fun, esp Ruska who learned today:  what is snow ? Something to jump into, to jump to catch snow flakes in the air , to eat and to run thru with lots of fun with her playmate Rufi. See Ruska, Stella and Rufi playing ….


Video Winterfreuden



October  12, 2008 


Three Rufus Irish Terrier in the sun

Rufi , Ruska and Stella enjoy the autumn sun


October  8, 2008


Short but nice time I spent begin september with Rufi in Southern Germany, here at Castle Lichtenstein with 2 nice IT girls of kennel Redpets and a fantastic overlook


Eine Irish Terrier Liebhaberin in ihr Element


Dorle guckt in das Tal        Dorle vor ein weisses Haus     Dorle mit drei Irish Terrier unter einem Baum





2008 – 8- 17               a nice summer day 


Byron´s  daughter Spicy, his grandget Stella und Rufi  and great-granddaughter Ruska show the same elegant movement that was introduced into my line by the unforgotten MerryMac Lollapalooza ” Byron”  and 

Am Ch  Tralee´s Hurricane Kid “Magic”.


Video Rufus gang on the move






2008 – 06- 26                                                        Video Ruska & Stella


2008 – 06- 19                                                        Video Ruska Stella Rufi


2008 – 06 –10                                                       Video Sommerfreuden


Summertime  - Rufi and his lookalike son Buffy enjoy it quite different ;-)...






Wedding picture with Sweetie

Since 30 years Irish Terriers are with me as companions, friends thru all my life, and my intention is to breed healthy and typey Irish Terrier throughout my lifespan from one special family strain I have built from my first bitch. Show success is nice, and I was very proud on f ex  only to mention few Byron´s or Speedy´s success in stromg competition, but more satisfying is to breed sound and typical , well tempered ITs that are same good companions to their new owners after a happy childhood at RUFUS IRISH TERRIER.

RUFUS IRISH TERRIER is independent in any way,  just don´t talk about health , we DO practise preventive medical checkups and screening of our own brood bitches / studdogs since 25 years . My profession as a small animal vet for 15 years and my responsability from this x-tra knowledge is obligation for me .

All my brood bitches from the foundation bitch on are tested for cystinuria and clear and the studdogs I choose since many years fullfill also my high standards, including my own studdogs Byron and Rufi. All  results are documented in the original Lab-test results and can be showed to interests.

Corny feet and cystin stones were luckily never a problem of RUFUS IRISH TERRIER, 26 years careful breeding programm with high standard is behind all my litters of the present time.



Rufus home


autumn in Menslage


Home of the Rufus Irish Terrier

Member of the British Irish Terrier Association
member of the Irish Terrier Club of America
member of the German Terrier Club (KFT)

1979 – 1985 study of veterinary medicine in Hannover

15 years experience as small animal vet

Breeding Irish Terriers is a lifetime passion, all my terriers live as companions in the house and puppies are raised up with lots of love and 30 years of experience in the breed and my responsability as a vet , too.

Rufus Irish Terrier do also live in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria , Australia and USA

This website will offer you continous information about RUFUS IRISH TERRIER .

Pure pics of purebred dogs  - we do not use pictures in wich the anatomics of the dogs  is altered !

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