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Rufus Irish Terrier

All Rufus Irish Terrier litters come from healthy tested dogs regarding Cystinuria since generations!

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The Rufus A litter 


March , 8


8.3.Wanne voll.jpg


Video – 3 weeks


Borders – what borders ? Soon ready to conquer the world ( of their indoor run soon) !   


March , 6


6.3.Stella+A Wurf.jpg


In the last 3 weeks  our puppies developped fanatastic. Stella is a great mum and has enough milk for the whole gang and cares for each of the 9 – check out and n-joy!


VIDEO – 20 Tage alt


6.3.A Wurf.jpg



February , 28




VIDEO    -  2 weeks old


There is some progress visible in the litter box! Stella is a very carrying mom , as you can see in the videoclip , and the puppies  look very well and are as healthy as can be. We enjoy this litter very much and appreciate Stella´s excellent “job”.


2010 february 15


18.2.A Wurf4.jpg


Video  3 days old


Stella likes to care for her puppies and is a passionate mother. As you can see in the videoclip !

2010 february 15 – the puppies are born!


15.2.A Wurf komplett.jpg


16.2.A Wurf Stella2.jpg

Stella and her 3 sons and the 6 daughters the 16.2.


Stella gave birth to 9 puppies, and this is a record in our kennels history so far.  Her puppies are very even in weight, quite heavy with about 300 gr . Stella recovered from the  delievery and enjoys having puppies ( and also to have 4 excellent meals a day!)


They are all very even in coat , size, length of neck and back and excellent heads. We are more than glad about this Outcross litter , and many many thanks go out to Ksenija in Latvia , kennel Red Factor, who imported  the sire Tonic and show so much passion for the breed and to Neridah, kennel Anluan ,Tonic´s breeder Downunder  for letting  such a quality dog leave Australia ! Fantastic international teamwork is behind this litter and this is something I appreciate very much. 


Now we are looking forward to exciting weeks with this gang, and … and one girl shall stay!

 2010 January 31 – 7 weeks pregnancy


Stella is doing fine, and she is very pregnant – still 2 weeks to go for her!

We are very curious to meet the little gang !

13.12.Tonic1   Stella mit Y-Wurf

Stella was mated  december 12. and 13. By „Tonic“ , the Australian boy  – and first pregnancy signs are positive !

schöne Rüde    Tonic kl.jpg

Anluan Prince of Thieves  aka “Tonic” , Imp Australien

Since a long time I was looking for an attractive and safe outcross for my breeding programme –  then Tonic left Australia at 4 months and had a long trip to Latvia, where he joined the Red Factor Team. Ksenija Sizova is since 1991 busy with Irish Terriers and very passionate ! I saw the boy growing up via the website of his breeder and then the own Red Factor website, first personal contacts were made, many pics exchanged, and so I found the perfect addition to my line.

Tonic excels  with his overall balance, right proportions and great harmony.  His neckline and shoulder placement is really outstanding and so he moves. His temperament is self confident and proud, but not aggressive. He is 48 cm high and has full dentition, big teeth. his coat is bright natural red . And he is tested for PRA, Patella, COLA, Cystine, all results are clear .

I want to keep the tested health standards at a high level and so all suited very well !

extra_283 - tonic

You can read all about Tonic and his team and owner Ksenija Sizova at  kennel Red Factor and bis breeder Neridah Sharret offers also a lot of information about this line at her website  kennel Anluan .

Watch for updates soon!


The Rufus Irish Terrier Y Litter

Here are some impressions of our last litter


IMG_0203_2   CIMG1194   20




Juni 2009 Maia, Bucky 028         Mai , Juni 2009 Juist, Bucky 128 

13. Mai 2009

Now almost all puppies moved to their new owners and conquer with typical irish charme all hearts !

Haggis     Paulchen    Kaya

Haggis                                                   Paul(chen)                                                    Kaya                


Willows Family

Willow is prepared for his 380 km trip – his brothers are quite curious !


Guinness  Max

Guinness                                                                                   Max

          ...and what about the  7th puppy?

Video Bucky 13-05-2009

Bucky stays with us another 2 weeks!

Jan und Bucky

10. Mai 2009 – 9 weeks


Some snapshots of the remaining 5 puppies…. 

Guiness       kleine Rüde


Kaya      Kaya mit Pusteblume

Kaya,  the flower girl;-)

y-wurf Rüde   müder Rüde

gelangweiter Rüde    hungriger Welpe


5. May 2009

Today the official litter examination of the Terrier Club took place. Each puppy was examined  and also protocolled for general appereance, temperaments, faults etc. And as usual, all went to this  with best critics.

Last Sunday the breeder of the sire of the puppies , Peter Jaspers, travelled 3 hours from Eindhoven to check these 7 puppies of James and take pics of them all.

We saw nice toplines, tailsets,  elegant heads with nice small eyes with dark Kajal, promising ears and mainly excellent coats, of attractive red colour.

 The puppies were not trimmed before the foto session,  the dark puppy hair did fell out and this indicates usually excellent coat quality.

 all pics © P Jaspers


Kleine Rüde    noch eine kleine Rüde


 ein Pflüschi       Pflüschi zwei

wiederspensige Rüde      liebe Rüde

Wurfabnahmeprotokoll Y-Wurf

2.   May 2009 – 8 weeks

Welpen am Zaun

Video Y-Wurf 01-05-2009


 Zwei Welpen liegen  Welpe sitzt  Welpe mit Kopf auf Baumrinde

Pflüzi  Welpen spielen  Welpe sitzt am Zaun

Welpen im Rohr


28. april 2009


Rain –what´s that – so our surprised puppies seemed to ask after their 3 weeks of sunny weather they experienced in their life. Now this nasty stuff was much disliked , but they will have to wean that life is not only sunny days;-) .

 Welpen im Regen

We want to play indoors!!!!

Indoor Video Y-Wurf 28-04-2009

But this part of daily training is much appreciated by the little ones !

Welpe frotteit  ist er nicht nietlich  wie ein Baby


April 15,  2009

Welpen untersuchen Elektrokabel  Welpen untersuchen Rasenmaier   Welpen vor der Hütte

Today the puppies learned a lot – there exist big machines that suddenly start to be very noisy and move and after they are quiet again, and the humans handle them – and can be explored by the gang before and after the noisy period. But…there was one little red boy, who was too curious and did dare to follow the noisy monster….

Welpe guckt    Welpe jagt Rasenmaier

Today ´s puppy video, we have  now summertime in april and they much fun in their 70 square meter outdoor run.

Video Y-litter 15-04-2009

Kleine Hundin

….C U ! ( the girlie) 

April 12  – Easter 2009

Stella with Y-Litter

The puppies spend Easter under the the sharp eyes of Stella in their outdoor run. The weather is perfect, 22°C and all day sun, no wind. The little ones discover many interesting things and  like extremely well their “sun terrace”.

Y-Litter infront of their wooden house


april 10, 2009 – 5 weeks

Y-Litter indoors


Welpen am Gitter   Welpen wieder am Gitter

„ one spezial puppy wants to bet he very first always! “

Video Y-litter 10-04-2009

The puppies take big steps forward to develop into little cute red devils and their life has already changed a lot already!

 Spielende Welpe 


Welpen spielen

kleine Rüden

Beissende Welpen


April 5, 2009  - 4 weeks old

Y-Wurf verlässt die Wurfkiste zum ersten Mal

Video Y-litter 05-04-2009

Now the puppies have conquered thgeir indoor run .

And they knew immediately what they had to do with their first meal !

Die erste feste Mahlzeit

march 28,  2009-  3 weeks old

Stella säagt die Welpen

Sterlla has a lot of milk and this went into her puppies;-).

Ich kann gucken


March 17,  2009  



Stella mit Y-Wurf 17.03.2009



They grow and grow and Stella has enough milk for all of them. She enjoys her 4 daily delicious meals ! In the end of the week  we wait for the first puppies to open their eyes. They can´t see much yet, but from then on each day they discover their world step by step and we are looking forward to assist them to become same nice companions as their parents are!


VIDEO Y-litter 17-03-2009



Y.Wurf in der Wanne




march 10,  2009


Miss Y


Our little bitch puppy has a very suitable white spot on her chest – looking like an Y ;-).

She and her 6 brother spend their days suckling, dreaming and growing – a very peaceful existance!


Y-Wurf trinkt   Y-Wurf trinkt 2


march 7,  2009


Stella müde aber zufieden mit Y-Wurf


Here are Y puppies  - 6 boys and one bitch  ! They were born quite heavy in weights of:  1x 380, 2x 350, 2x320, 1x 308(the bitch puppy) , 1x 264  , and so Stella really had hard work . But all 7 are alibve and kicking and grow very fast .So you can see ( and hear!) them on day 1:



Puppy video  day 1 !


Y-Wurf trinkt      Y-Wurf an der Milchbar




Stella mit Y-Wurf


March 4 –  still 1 or 2 days 


Stella before giveing birth

 Stella enjoys the sunshine .



Winter in Holland     Mühle in Holland



For Stella´s third litter we travelled again to a foreign country .  Again in January, like with her other litters as well. This time we visited the western part of  the Netherlands, wich is the very typical real  Holland” , many nice places that exist since hundreds of years and show typical style of buildings and athmosphere.  And I caught in the wonderful light of a  cold winter morning with the silhouette of Leiden in the background – and in front : a windmill – sure I had to take this picture also;-) !


James  in winter         again james

                                                                                                                                                                                                               James and his buddy Bob  © Mokveld


But Stella wasn´t too much interested in the touristic aspects of our journey – but she was very happy with my choice, that “ James, James Hond “ was the red gentleman who waited for her!  He is the litterbrother of Stella´s first partner, the sire of the Rufus V litter.

Oliver James v Koudenhoven.  ( Rufus Look at me x Jente v Koudengoven), a very charming son of our dear Byron !


Sir James


All in red – undercoat! -  this noble and elegant Irish gent was delighted about Stella´s visit.

With tons of charisma, a proud character and a very friendly disposition  also towards his 11 year old Irish companion Bob and 2 rabbits and a  guinea pig, this is James.  Irish Terrier temperament at it´s best!


Here they meet each other:


VIDEO Stella & James


Also at shows James was succesful, but his career was only short , as his main job is at home and in the big garden!


James auf eine AusstellungJames nochmals auf eine Ausstellung 

                                                                                                                                         Fotos ©  P Jaspers


This ist he judge report of the irish breed specialist Paul Martin:  


„ Super head and expression, lovely reach of neck, + good shoulders, great tailset , moves well both ways,

a real showman! “