Stud Dogs of Rufus Irish Terrier

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Rufus Under My Spell


Rufus Under my Spell from the right                Rufus Under my Spell front picture


Video Rufus Under my Spell


"Rufi“, b 2006 ( Ch Red Rabbits Elliot x Ch Rufus Noisy Ms Hurricane ),49.5 cm,  Cystin: ok, - Byron´s young grandson is about to follow the footsteps of his succesful grandpa both in show ( Rufi won 3 titles shown very rare in 2007)  and also at stud, he got the lifetime breeding license . His own highligts are besides charisma and well balanced proportions his wonderful typey small dark rimmed eyes of deep hazelnut colour – very rare nowadays - and his perfect ears. Like many of his 20 fullsiblings they needed no or almost no glueing and from begin on they were carried perfect. It proves that he passes his ears very reliable , many puppies have natural good ear carriage.

His name is more than aptly – pics only show a little of his presence, you have to see him life ! If he looks at you with his small dark eyes, you are lost;-) ! 

He is a superb and experienced  studdog and able to mate even very difficult bitches  – he convinced all 16 up to now and is sire of 93 puppies (march 2010) .

A summary after 15 litters ( 86 puppies)  have grown up a bit and I visited  them several times , let me state that Rufi stamps his get very strong  :


-          especially nice temperaments with a special eyecatcher touch on many of them

-          he is able to pass his perfect ears quite dominant !

-          excellent movement with well angulated shoulders and hind

-          excellent coat with red natural colour

-          well balanced heads with the desired forefaces and small dark rimmed eyes and dark pigments

-          size depends on the bitch mainly

-          his first tested  13 puppies show  normal cystine testresults


Here is his excellent first breeding license exam result (german) :


breeding licence of irish terrier stud dog Rufus Under my Spell

Rufi´s litters :

In yellow the offspring who is active in shows/ breeding is mentioned


2007 – 4/1 ( x St Patrick´s Cara ) I-litter St Patrick´s – Irish Melody

         -  3/2 ( x Gräfin Claire v Haseland) K litter vom Haseland – Killkenny Highlander

         -  4/3 ( x  Rufus Lusty Lioness) Rufus W litter – Woops it´s Buffy

         -  4/4 (x Laura vd Kätkenburg) N litter Kätkenburg


2008 -    5/0  ( x Ann Claire v Haseland) M litter v Haseland   - My Way to be a star  /SF

         -    6/2  ( x Freifrau Claire Occulli v Haseland)  A litter Matildahof´s Golden Palatine- Ajax , Agda

         -    5/3  ( x Doenya vd Landmansvriend ) L litter v Brohltal

         -    3/1  ( x Ballinderry´s Enya)  D litter Ballinderry´s  Donla Florentine

         -    4/3  ( x Kiss me Kate v Akazienhain)  P litter v Akazienhain  Percey, Pied Piper, Penny Lane

         -    1/1  ( x Rufus Orange Sweetie) C litter Royal Rubys

         -    2/3 ( x  Lurvendhalis Palantiri) U litter Lurvendhalis/ Finland

         -    2/2 ( x  Redpets My Meggy Maid)  N litter Redpets


2009 -    2/3  ( x Inka v Hürtgenwald ) M litter v Hürtgenwald   Mailin   

         -    3/3  ( x Redpets My Meggy Maid) O litter Redpets`O`Mara

         -    3/ 4  ( x Laura vd Kätkenburg)  O litter vd Kätkenburg Onyx, Oda


2010 -   3/4 ( x Amabilis Benita) C Wurf Amabilis



 New litters by Rufi


O - litter vd Kätkenburg



Welpe-Oralie 015

Oda 026

Onyx Linox

July 5 th  the youngest Rufi litters was born 3 boys an 4 girls out of the nice Byron daughter Laura vd K . One girl moved to Latvia and a boy to Bulgaria.


O litter Redpets


Redpet's O'Mara  FotoStreitf_MeggyO_Kopie



O Wurf Redpets


The  27 th may 3/3 strong puppies were born as O litter  Redpet´s in South Germany . Mara will continue the legacy of her kennel in the future.



M - litter v Hürtgenwald


M-Wurf v Hurtgenwald


april 24. 2 boys and 3 girls were born with record weights. All puppies are sold.




N-Litter of kennel Redpets


The N litter Redpet´s (2/2) was born november 3, more pics you can see at their website





The  Lurvendhalis U litter was born the 15 of september in Finland!


Wurf von Lurvendahlis



The Royal Ruby´s  C litter Irish Terriers were born august 26 !


Irish Terrier puppy of Royal Roby's
       two little innocent irish terrier pups


He looks like his grandfather Byron         little irish terrier girl


1/1 promising puppies by our Rufi out of Byron´s daughter Ch Rufus Orange Sweetie . The boy reminds me his grandsire Byron a lot and the girl is a very feminine red beauty!



D litter Ballinderrys 


The Ballinderrys D litter was born july, 22   -


3/1  puppies, Please visit the website of their kennel!


Balindarry's D Wurf 1

Balindarry's D Wurf 2


At almost 9 weeks of age, fellow breeders were invited to follow the presentation of the puppies to this critical public ;-))) .

It was a great sunday afternoon with a warm welcome, several tasty cakes, and coffee . And – same breeders, different litters, interesting discussions!


The 3  boys…

Drei kleine Rüden      mussen schon im jugen Alter      Showlaufen


...and here comes their sister , who is not easy to catch in a picture;-) .


und das kleine Mädchen will noch nicht so recht


They were almost 9 weeks old then.


A very even litter of same type,  with excellent red jackets( not trimmed yet)  ,  long heads with pleasing forefaxed and small dark rimmed Almons eyes, the ears look fort hat age perfect ( the earliert they´re up, the more problems they give later)  and small excellent feet,  excellent topline/tailset/carriage and movements that convinced us!


P litter Akazienhain 


7 puppiers were born at Kennel v Akazienhain august, 2.


Irish terrier kennel v Akazienhain 7 puppies


You can read all about their weekly progress in the  Welpentagebuch  (in german)



At 8 weeks age the little Redheads were “ quality controlled” by fellow breeders who met and spent a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon discussing  the all-time-favourite themes of Irish Terrier breeders and enjoying the hospitality  ;-).   


First the 3 girls….


Sieben Kleine   Irish terrier Welpen   mussen sich ansehen


……and here are the 4 boys


lassen von        einige Irish Terrier


Sachverständigen        ob die das mögen


at the age of 8 weeks the 28 september


Also this litter looks very even in quality, also here we saw excellent toplines and racy built bodies, tailsets/tails and angulations of best quality. Very typical nice heads and the desired expression with small dark eyes,  promising ears , neat feet and excellent bones. Bite excellent, all puppiues relaxed and well socialized – now their new life can start with the new owners! 


Ein grosse Knudel kleine Irish Terrier


…and mum Katie had a little milk still for her 7 puppies !





“A” litter Matildahof´s Golden Palatines ,dob  march 31,


Agda  Ajax

Agda (l) and Ajax stay at  Matildahof ! above 9 weeks old, below 4 months 


Agda  Ajax


M litter v Haseland , dob 27.3.08


five Haseland puppies in four hands


Some portraits of Rufi´s offspring from the first litters

 ( all unglued on the pics!)


Rufus W litter, born 9/07



Buffy on the table     Buffy on the floor      Wilson looking innocent

                                                 2x©HLF              Buffy                                                          Wilson


Watson with his friend            Max as puppie

                                                          Watson                                    Max

  Orla at home     Wisp in the box    

Orla                                                              Wisp



K litter v Haseland, born 6/07


 irish terrier puppie von Haseland     irish terrier jumping at a stick

3x ©Mückenheim


two irish terrier sleepin on the floor    irish terrier puppie with an apple



 N- litter vd Kätkenburg , born 12/07


Nemo looking cute                   nelson wondering

Nemo ,3 months old                                      Nelson


8 weeks old , 3.2.08 (not trimmed)


one Haseland puppie

after the



is shown



on the






Ch Rufus Look At Me!




at 10 years july 2008


Video Byron


"Byron“, 1998 - 2008(Merrymac Lollapalooza - Rufus Magic Polestar), 50.5 cm , cystinurie tested: clear, no CF, 13 of his 71 offsring is tested for CU and clear – we lost him too early because a brain tumour, no cure was possible….

He started his show career with a BIS puppy and continued with many BoB in strong numbers of competitors. He was awarded second best male in a hard competition at the Swedish speciality show among many famous champions, European and world winners with only 10 months of age and gained the most attractive junior title in Germany " Bundesjugendsieger 99" and became Klub für Terrier Junior-Champion (with 4 CCs).
Byron finished the 2 German Ch titles in 2001.

He had an enormous ring-presence and great personality - this was visible already with 4 weeks in him, so his name!
His head and expression was typical in the tradition of his line - combined with his elegant outlines and excellent elastic movement:  I consider him being the best terrier I ever bred.


What I judge the most important  in his offspring are their small, dark irish Terrier eyes and the typical dhurty expression, well balanced heads with excellent forefaces, correct bite,  excellent toplines and tail set and carriage and they all can move really excellent!


Byron finished his showcarrer in 2003 at the World Dog Show in Germany , being judged by Sean Delmar, IR,  as the best german bred & owned male of  the entry of  83 .


He has 71 offspring (31/40) .

we`ve storeed frozen semen from Byron for about 3 litters, to be able to have his genetics still available in the future. His semen was excellent in quality and reached > 70 % forward motility after thawing.

Byron´s litters ( in yellow his active get in show and breeding)  :


99 -  0/1  ( x Hazel of Stonetown) B-Wurf mny Celtic Fellow

99 -  0/3  ( x Rufus Mystic Polarsun) N-Wurf Rufus è Ch R Noisy Ms Hurricane”Spicy”

02 -  2/3  ( x Red Rabbits Emma Peel)  H-Wurf Red Rabbits è Ch RR Hello Byron, RR Hannah

03 -  2/3  ( x Pastime Jeany) T-Wurf Pastime è J Ch P Tristan , P Tosca

03 -  1/5  ( ex Rufus Lusty Lioness)  O-Wurf Rufus è Ch R Orange Sweetie , R O-la-la! / NL

03 -  1/3  ( ex Casia z Perslu) L-Wurf vd Kätkenburg è Laura vd K

03 -  1/0  ( Red Rabbits Emma Peel) I-Wurf Red Rabbits

03 – 2/3  ( x Pastime Sophie) U-Wurf Pastime è Pastime Upton E Sinclair

03 -  5/1  ( x Rufus Lusty Lioness) Q-Wurf Rufus è Ch R Quite a Lion

04 -  2/3  ( x Ann-Claire v Haseland) C-Wurf v Haseland è Ch Claire-Bernadette v Haseland

04 -  3/4  ( x Rufus Lusty Lioness) S-Wurf Rufus è R Stellar Light / Finnland

05 -  5/2  ( x Jente v Koudenhoven) O-Wurf v Koudenhoven / NL è Oliver James vK / NL, Okie Dokie v K /NL

06 -  3/5  ( x Berda Barakohar ) J-Wurf Libik& Barakohar / CZ è Jorika , Jejakaje L&B

06 -  4/4  ( x Ita v Koudenhoven ) P-Wurf v Koudenhoven / NL è Pride Ueliss  / Slo




Fin. Ch Rufus Magic Carlsson


"Speedy", born 1997 (Ch Merrymac Don`t Blame Me - Rufus Magic Polestar) who lives in Finland, started his successful show career with many BOB in the puppy-class and continued to be best Irish Terrier No 3 in 1998 and was Top winning Irish Terrier in Finland 1999, always owner-handled and prepared.

Speedy got merits for his excellent size, conformation, movement, ears and coat from many judges of different countries.
He is not only a show dog, but also a successful agility dog and is track-trained also. You can visit his own homepage (see link). His first excellent offspring shows that he is able to pass his qualities. One son “F Ch Jackpot Tarzan” was best male No 2 at the Finnish Club show 2002 (17 males competed)  and also gained the title of Top winning Irish Terrier of the Year. “He is pictured below, and a sire of several litters .

Speedy on a show

Now a granddaughter of Tarzan and great-granddaughter of Speedy is our new junior bitch Ruska!